About us

Welcome to Optimize Business, we assist small and medium businesses in achieving their goals. We also offer NGOs, NFPs and government agencies the same services.

2013clientsOur clients include a diverse array of industries and professions. We work with leading Australian scientists, publishers, universities, writers, optometrists, builders, lawyers and community groups. Optimize Business blogs and Tweets on issues affecting business and the management of organisations. We help with range of services, from strategic to digital, from facilitation to marketing.

Your success is our only objective and we will provide you with unique perspectives and support:

  • MajorsBusiness coaching
  • Planning & strategy
  • Sales & marketing
  • Social media services & content
  • 360 Focus Groups
  • Team building
  • Training and facilitation

We blog at optimizesbiz.com and can be found at @Optimize_Biz on Twitter.

Optimize Business currently has retail clients in major shopping centres across the east coast of Australia. Primarily offering social media and affiliated services, Optimize Business is in daily social contact with Australia’s leading shopping centres. We assist businesses by liaising with Centre Management on digital advertising and achieve significant efficiencies by building social campaigns with linkage to overarching marketing communications.


Founder:  Andrew McIntosh CPA established Optimize Business in 2012 in response to the need to bring big business insights and approaches to small / medium sized organisations – without the big business price tag. Leveraging over twenty years experience in corporate management, marketing and finance, Andrew and his team now assist individuals and organisations to achieve their goals.

View Andrew McIntosh CPA's profile on LinkedIn

Business Office: Optimize Business uses a lean philosophy and therefore operates from a virtual office and client premises.  A small office is located in Warrandyte, Victoria, Australia:You can speak directly to Andrew on +61 4 4851 6151, by email at andrew@optimizesbiz.com or on the Twitter handle @Optimize_Biz. You can connect with Andrew or learn more about his experience on LinkedIn:


Optimize Business Pty Ltd
ABN 88 646 726 878
PO Box 225
Warrandyte Vic 3113, Australia.

Phone +61 4 4851 6151

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