LinkedIn Badges: Are you maximising your social media?

When did you last do a strategic review of your social media profile?  Are you missing basic opportunities to get your branding, your unique selling proposition or experience in front of your existing and potential customers?  Linkedin is now used extensively throughout the world as the premier social media tool to keep professionals connected and in touch.
View Andrew McIntosh CPA's profile on LinkedInA unique LinkedIn Badge has a personalised web link to your LinkedIn profile and is free and easy to create. Just login to LinkedIn and type or copy in this address and you can generate badges like the one above. If you press the ‘badge’ above it takes you directly to my LinkedIn profile from this WordPress blog which you are currently reading.

LinkedIn has powerful marketing and profiling capabilities, but even if you don’t go for these more sophisticated marketing approaches, what external image are you portraying if you do not leverage the simplest social media functionality?

Three quick and easy steps to upgrade your profile online:

  • Promote your profile by adding a badge (press this link when you are logged into LinkedIn and it will take you to your unique buttons) – do this on your blog, online resume, or website. See the various example formats below.
  • Customise your public Linkedin public URL profile – for example, use instead of something like that contains a lot of random numbers and is obviously system generated
  • Update your public profile – if you are running a business, you will want the public to see who you, your experience and what you do.

View Andrew McIntosh CPA's LinkedIn profileView Andrew McIntosh CPA’s profile

View Andrew McIntosh CPA's profile on LinkedIn

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