If social networks were more honest about privacy, this tool wouldn’t exist


The Israeli software firm CallingID is best known for its LinkAdvisor safe browsing tool, which has been integrated into antivirus products such as Avira, but as of late 2013 it’s also offered a tool with the rather unwieldy name of My Face Privacy.

My Face Privacy manages the privacy settings of social networks on behalf of the user. It works with Facebook(s fb), Twitter(s twtr) and LinkedIn(s lnkd), and on Wednesday CallingID revealed Google+(s goog) integration as well. Instagram is next on the agenda, CallingID executive vice president Yair Nissan told me.

“Social networks are trying to make as much of your information visible to as many groups as they can,” Nissan said. “They have set a default set of privacy policies which is not restrictive at all. They’ve complicated the way that you can change and manage your privacy settings – you have to go through many screens…

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