Interesting facts in the notes from the Twitter S-1 IPO Filing

The little bird that took flight.Some interesting facts on the Twitter IPO thanks to David Cummings. Like David, I also find Twitter an amazing (free) global communications tool that I use on a daily basis (@optimize_biz).

I truly think it is revolutionary. Who would have thought the value proposition of just 140 little alpha numerics could lead to such a literal and virtual revolution.

David Cummings on Startups

The Twitterverse is buzzing about the upcoming Twitter IPO, and now we have all the intimate details courtesy of the S-1 IPO filing with the SEC. I’ve found Twitter to be an amazing medium that I use on a daily basis (@davidcummings), so I want the company to succeed in a way that grows both the value of the community and shareholder value.

Here are a few notes from the Twitter S-1 IPO filing:

  • 215 million monthly active users (pg. 1)
  • 500 million tweets per day (pg. 1)
  • 75% of users accessed it from a mobile device (pg. 2)
  • 45% of Super Bowl ads used hashtags to engage users (pg. 5)
  • 300 billion Tweets created since origination (pg. 6)
  • Revenue (pg. 10)
    2010 – $28.3M
    2011 – $106.3M
    2012 – $316.9M
  • Losses (pg. 10)
    2010 – $67.3M
    2011 – $129.8M
    2012 – $79.4M
  • 87% of revenue from…

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